Accessibility Icons

Access Icons

These eight icons represent categories from the Comprehensive Accessibility Checklist. They have been designed in consultations with business persons as well as people with disabilities, and represent important information that a consumer would want to find out at a glance. We’ve summarized what each icon means below.

accessible customer service iconAccessible Customer Service
This icon indicates that a business has paid particular attention to making their customer service and areas accessible. This includes having policies in place for service animals, ease of access to information, and accessible spaces designed for usability by consumers with disabilities.


accessible parking iconAccessible Parking
Good accessible parking involves more than putting up a sign. Business who have earned this icon have not only made sure that the location of their accessible parking spaces make sense, but that there is a safe, clearly marked and accessible route that takes customers from the parking lot to the front door.


visually impaired iconVisual Accessibility
Businesses who have earned this icon have made sure that their signage, printed documents, and exit instructions are produced in highly visible and/or alternative formats. Their fire alarms and alerting systems also include a visual component to alert customers with a hearing impairment of the emergency.


Auditory Accessibility
hearing impaired iconA business that has made alternate means of communication for consumers with hearing impairments available has earned this icon.



cognitive accessible iconCognitive Accessibility
Good design is accessible design, and great interior design makes clear to customers where the boundaries are between public space and restricted, employees-only space. Businesses with this icon have not only made those boundaries clear, but have also ensured that important signs and information are accompanied by an appropriate pictograph.


accessible signage iconAccessible Signage
This icon indicates that a business’ sign are placed in accessible locations, and that they included Braille information. They’ve also designed an alternate system to communication information on signs, and display the International Symbol of Accessibility.


accessible elevator signAccessible Elevators
Businesses with this icon have installed accessible elevators, which means they’re wide enough to provide maneuverability with doors that stay open long enough to allow persons using mobility aid devices to pass through. Their elevators are also equipped with additional technologies, such as Braille signage, emergency call systems, or audible floor signals.


hotel amenities iconAccessible Amenities
This icon is used when hotels, motels, or other hospitality businesses have made their facilities such as showers, bathrooms, and activity rooms accessible.