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Etsy In The Park


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 – 11 AM – 4 PM

In one word, Etsy in the Park is “togetherness”. It’s bringing together Etsy’s unique culture and the local community that is already a thriving entrepreneurial market. It’s an opportunity for creatives and foodies alike to showcase their passion and for us to promote the support of local businesses.

Our mission is to connect the community with local entrepreneurs and bring light  to the Etsy-based companies in the area! We’re hoping that this festival will have an impact on our community and our neighbours. This is truly a unique opportunity to build stronger community ties, for our vendors to promote their businesses and for everyone to get excited about being intimately associated with one of the largest Etsy events in the area!


The link to our vendor sign up is here: etsyinthepark.com/vendor-application

Instagram and Facebook @etsyinthepark

Family Game Nights

Tecumseh Parks & Recreation, in partnership with the Windsor-Essex Healthy Kids Community Challenge, invites families to “Power OFF and Play!” with five Family Game Nights through March and April at the Tecumseh Recreation Complex and Arena, 12021 McNorton Street.

These FREE, family-engaging evenings will include an assortment of board games, tabletop games and giant lawn games. Residents are encouraged to come with family members or attendees may join with another group at the event. Games Nights are a great way to get out and meet others in Tecumseh while participating in a fun screen free event. The Tecumseh Family Game Nights will be offered in a “screen-free zone”, encouraging participants to put mobile and screen devices away while participating.

The Tecumseh Family Game Nights are 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on the following days: Friday, March 2, 2018; Friday, March 9, 2018; Friday, April 13, 2018; Friday, April 20, 2018; and, Friday, May 25, 2018.

For more information visit www.tecumseh.ca or call the Tecumseh Parks & Recreation Department at 519-735-4756.

Information on this and all Town of Tecumseh news and events is available at www.tecumseh.ca,
www.tecumsehapp.ca, Twitter (@TownofTecumseh), and Facebook

Event Contact:
Kerri Rice
Manager Recreation Programs & Events
Phone: (519) 735-4756 ext. 421

The BIA Tecumseh Dollar & Windsor Spitfire Tickets Contest Winners

is pleased to announce the following winners of this year’s contest:


1st Place Prize of $500 Tecumseh Dollars:   Bernice Winkup

2nd Place Prize of $300 Tecumseh Dollars:   Jeaninne St.Pierre

3rd Place Prize of $200 Tecumseh Dollars:   Maria Ingratta


And the winners of the Windsor Spitfire Tickets in the Windsor Star Suite are:

Shelley Fitzpatrick, Michael Mallen, Olivia Szwed, Kevin Will, John Kobrynovich, Patrick Kolowilz


And the winners of a pair of Windsor Spitfire Tickets are:

Rosa Campeau, Vanessa St.Amour, Joan Willms, Jen Weedon, Brad Butcher, Omay Drouillard, Nada Orshinsky, Nadia Dancy, Ed Stolachuk, Shelley Simon, Mike McGinnis, Monica Morin, Ken Little, Diane VanDenDriessche, Cindy Baillargeon, Geraldine Carter


Congratulations to all the winners and
Thank You Daniel Hofgartner, Buckingham Reality Estate and Windsor Star for donating the Windsor Spitfire Tickets.



Winter has arrived in Tecumseh. Approximately 10 cm of snow fell on Tuesday, December 12 and an additional
10-18 cm is expected today. Plows are out and crews prepared for this upcoming snowfall however Tecumseh
Public Works Staff and the OPP have important reminders for property owners and drivers in Town. 

Click on the link below for the list of reminders for property owners and drivers in the Town of Tecumseh:

NR – Snow Removal Reminders


Tecumseh Community Holiday Blood Drive

Tecumseh Community Holiday Blood Drive

St. Anne’s Church

 Parish Hall  

12233 Tecumseh Road E, Windsor

Thursday, December 14

2:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

#GiveLife #GiveBlood this Holiday Season!

Bring a friend or two or three and #GiveLife Together

New Donors & Walk ins are Welcome and Needed



The Town of Tecumseh is proud to announce the launch of new channels on their progressive web app to promote local businesses, events and opportunities. This follows the launch of the Tecumseh App in August 2016, the first municipality in North America to do so, aimed at actively engaging its residents.

The Tecumseh App will now feature two new channels for businesses: “Now Hiring” and “Services”. These new channels follow the expansion of existing channels “Where to Eat” and “What to Do”. All four channels provide local businesses the opportunity to promote themselves, share information about the community and encourage people to shop and play in Tecumseh.

“We are excited to launch this second phase of our municipal app for both residents and businesses in Town,” said Tony Haddad, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Tecumseh. “Our goal when launching this app was to connect with our residents and businesses easily through a mobile network. Today’s launch now allows businesses to have a one-stop outreach.”

The cost to use the app for businesses is free for 2017. Interested business owners can upload videos, images and content they wish to promote by visiting www.tecumsehapp.ca/upload. All submissions will be subject to review for appropriateness prior to posting. Priority will be given to business promoting employment opportunities, events, and providing promotional offers for Tecumseh businesses. Anyone with questions is welcome to contact the Town at 519-735-2184 Ext. 150.

Town App“We are excited by the innovation being shown by the Town of Tecumseh. They were an early-adopter of Progressive Web App technology and since their launch other large brands such as Booking.com, The Guardian and AliExpress have also begun to use this technology,” said Karolyn Hart, Chief Operating Officer of InspireHUB Technologies. “We built the IHUBApp using progressive web app technology to provide an easy to use platform to get information out quickly and easily. Our work with the Town of Tecumseh has proven to North America that progressive web apps can benefit municipalities anywhere.”

The app can be easily added to any mobile device and is available whether the user is connected to the internet or not on most devices. Details on how to register as a user and save the app to a home screen are provided at www.tecumsehapp.ca.

Information on this and all Town of Tecumseh news and events is available at www.tecumseh.ca, www.tecumsehapp.ca, Twitter (@TownofTecumseh), and Facebook (www.facebook.com/townoftecumseh).

Media Contact:
Lesley Racicot
Manager Strategic Initiatives
519-735-2184 Ext. 150

BOOK SWAP – Wine & Reading

If you like a good book like I do and enjoy sipping on wine at the same time, welcome to BookSwap. At WINE DESIGN, you can bring a book, and take a book.

We have used books on display for you to come in any time to swap a book.

reading-wineAfter talking to many of my customers and learning that many enjoy sipping on wine while reading, I decided to start BookSwap.

Whether you come in just to grab a book or come in to make wine at the same time, everyone is welcomed.

Thank you all, who have contributed to the growth of our book inventory.

All donations are welcomed.


13590 Tecumseh Rd. E.
St. Clair Beach Shopping Plaza


The Town would like to remind all residents of the upcoming change to the household waste collection. Plastic garbage bags will not be accepted. After January 1, 2017, household waste must be placed in a hard-sided container with a lid.

Information on acceptable hard-sided containers is available on the Town’s website at www.tecumseh.ca/townhall/departmental-services/environmental/refuse_containers. Residents should mark containers and lids with their address to prevent theft or loss.

This change to collection will affect the first waste pick-up scheduled for January 5, 2017. Any garbage not placed in a hard-sided container with a watertight lid will not be collected and property owners may be subject to fines. Hard sided containers is the only change to household waste collection at this time.

Items such as mattresses, couches, chair and similar materials will continue to be collected. However, we encourage all residents to consider recycling larger items with various local organizations that accept used furniture and clothing.

Residents and businesses are responsible for obtaining their own acceptable hard-sided garbage containers. Many local hardware stores, department stores or other retailers provide various types of hard-sided garbage containers. Containers can also be rented from independent local suppliers for a small monthly fee.

Detailed information on garbage collection can be found on the Town website, and the Town App www.tecumsehapp.ca.

Questions regarding the elimination of plastic bags from the list of acceptable garbage containers can be directed to the Public Works & Environmental Services Department at 519-735-2184 Ext. 142.

Media Contact:                                                           Program Contact:
Laura Moy                                                                   Daniel Piescic
Director Corporate Services & Clerk                     Director Public Works & Environmental Services
519-735-2184 Ext 116                                               519-735-2184 Ext 140


The Town of Tecumseh, the OPP and Tecumseh Fire Services have a number of helpful safety tips:

Snow Removal:
* All snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks by property owners. It is illegal to push snow out onto the street [reference OHTA]. Vehicles must be removed from Town streets to allow for snow removal.
* Snow removal takes time especially in heavy accumulation. Please be patient.
* Snow plows have limited control of the amount and direction of the snow coming off the blade and create limited visibility while plowing. Never pass a snow plow and keep a safe distance behind them.

Fire Safety:
* Always ensure electrical connections between decorations and outlets are clear and in good condition. Do not use severed or frayed cords.
* Stay in the kitchen when cooking, drink responsibly and install and regularly test carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.
* Ensure your furnace and fireplaces are in proper working order and have been cleaned.
* In the event of a power outage, never run a generator in a closed or confined space; make sure it is well ventilated.

Personal & Property Safety:
* Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you are parked in a well-lit area and never leave your vehicle unattended while running. Do not leave purses or purchases unattended and when loading your car, make sure your keys are in your hands or secured at all times.
* When using a bank machine, make sure they are visible and in well-lit areas.
* Don’t open or unlock your door for strangers and verify the identity of service persons.
* Make sure all bushes are pruned and keep outside lights on when going out for an evening. Lock all doors, windows and gates, and don’t leave remote openers in cars parked outside.

Safety on the roads:
* Drive according to the conditions and check the weather before you go.
* Do not use your cellphone while driving. Designate a passenger in the vehicle to take calls and texts or usethe hands-free option on your phone.
* Do not drink and drive. Make a plan to arrive safely. Designate a driver or call a cab.

Please contact 911 in the event of an emergency.

Information on this and all Town of Tecumseh news and events is available at www.tecumseh.cawww.tecumsehapp.ca, Twitter (@TownofTecumseh), and Facebook www.facebook.com/townoftecumseh