BIA History

The Tecumseh Tribune – Thursday, September 29, 1977.

Tecumseh Approves Business Improvement Zone

by J.M.
At its September 13 meeting, Tecumseh Town Council supported in principle the creation of a business improvement zone. Tecumseh businesses and merchants will be approached hopefully this October for their support and approval of an increased levy on their taxes paid to the municipality. The increased levy is expected to be small perhaps only four of five mills. A one-mill increase would generate about $650.00.

Funds raised would be spent on tangible “beautification” items such as the planting of trees and planter boxes along main routes and within the zone for the advantage of all. An advertising program was also suggested.

The scheme can be turned down by one third of the businesses contributing at last one-third of the funds showing their disapproval of the project. Green Giant for example, although it would contribute over one-third of the funds does not represent one-third of the businesses so it could not, by itself, refuse to contribute. The merchants must be given a two-month period to object thus making it possible for council to approve the bylaw by late December or early in the New Year.

Funds would probably be forwarded by council for the spring planting season although the levy would not appear until the June, 1998 tax assessment. As an indication of the moderate yearly increase, Shawnee Market’s contribution would be around $20.00. Town fathers are confident they will receive sufficient co-operation since dollars spent “collectively” would have greater purchasing power in beautifying the town than one person spending X amount of dollars.

The suggested improvement zone would include businesses along Tecumseh Road from Green Giant west to the town limits, from Lanoue Street along Lesperance to St. Denis Street as well as the river-front business district.
Today 2007, the boundaries of the BIA zigzag to include Tecumseh Rd from Brighton Rd. west to the town limits, Lesperance Rd. and Manning Rd. from Riverside Dr. to just past County Rd. 22.