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Congrats to BIA Members SkyVu and Mamo Burger Bar win Biz X Awards in 2018

SkyVu won the 2018 Award for “Steady Streaming Service”. They beat three other nominees.  

Nominator Hazim J. comments that SkyVu has a “great selection of smart TV boxes and streaming choices along with excellent customer service.” 

Judge Barker added they’re “a great place with knowledgeable staff  who can assist in finding everything you need from rabbit ears, cable, satellite and android boxes and they inform you on how to use them properly.” 


Mamo Burger Bar won the 2018 “Burgers to flip over” Award. They beat out six other very popular burger places.

Owners Ryan and Tina Odette describe their business as a family-oriented, full service, gourmet burger restaurant that features unique toppings and creations.

“They never disappoint their customers,” expresses Judge Meehan. “Using local ingredients, naturally raised beef, never frozen, without the use of fillers such as bread crumbs, you can’t beat the flavour and taste of a Mamo Burger.”


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