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Council Adopts Community Improvement Plan

On Tuesday January  12,  2016 Tecumseh Council  adopted  the  Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan.  A Community  Improvement Plan (CIP) is an urban planning document that  provides the framework  to guide  the redevelopment, improvement or rehabilitation of a defined  area of a municipality that is in a state of transition.

The  Tecumseh  Road  Main  Street  area represents  the  original historical commercial core  of  the  Town  of Tecumseh  settlement area, comprising an approximate  1.2  kilometre  corridor  centered  on Tecumseh  Road between  the  City of Windsor to the  west and the  Via Rail  crossing  to the east.   This area is made up of  75 acres and over 115  properties.

This area should  serve as an important focal point  of the community by providing a wide range of commercial services  and  amenities along  with  various  housing  options.     It  is  anticipated that  the  CIP  will  help   in reestablishing this  corridor  as Tecumseh’s  “downtown” or “main  street”.

The desire  to  promote  change  prompted  Council  to  initiate the  development of  the  Tecumseh  Road  Main Street  CIP. This Plan  is the Town’s  first  step toward  the  revitalization and transformation of the  traditional “Main Street”  and surrounding community into a unique,  walkable,  vibrant  and mixed-use  destination.

The CIP will  guide  the  Town’s  preparation  of  a Streetscape  Master  Plan  leading  to the  construction of  an improved   public   realm.     In  addition, there  are  financial  incentives intended to  stimulate private  sector investment by way of property rehabilitation and new development.

“I am very pleased and excited that  Council took this strategic  first  step of recreating the feel of a smaII town main street.    The CIP will guide  all members of the community towards the common  goal of creating a vibrant and walkable  downtown core for all citizens and visitors to be proud of and enjoy.   A healthy downtown  is indicative of a healthy community and we look forward to the implementation of this  plan in the coming years” says Mayor Gary McNamara

For more details  on this  exciting initiative, please visit the Town of Tecumseh website: