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Tecumseh BIA Board of Management


What exactly does the Town of Tecumseh Business Improvement Area do?

Good question!  You have probably seen many of the results of our work and not known that we are the architects.  The organization is a not-for-profit incorporated organization responsible for the vitalization and promotion of a specific geographical area in the Town of Tecumseh business community called the B. I. A., or Business Improvement Area (TOTBIA).  All property owners, and commercial tenants who pay a portion of the property tax, pay a special levy that funds the organization.  These funds constitute the organization’s budget and allow the Board to execute programs and events on behalf of all of the Members within our boundaries.

What makes a good Board Director?
One of the privileges of your membership in our organization is the opportunity to direct the business of the TOTBIA as a member of the Board of Management.  All Board Directors are elected by the membership and appointed to the Board by Town Council.  So what qualifications make for a good Director on our Board of Management?

  • A Board Director is expected to lend her/his talents to the development of programs which improve the TOTBIA in its entirety
  • The hallmark of a successful Board is having Directors who are progressive thinkers, people with willingness to change ideas and make a real difference in their community.
  • A good Board Director is one who understands the TOTBIA area. Be they a veteran or newcomer she/he should appreciate the past, present and future challenges of our TOTBIA business community.
  • As a volunteer the Board Director must respect the work of paid staff. Professional staff provides continuity of information and support the Board members in a relationship of mutual respect.
  • Finally, a Board Director must have a real desire to make a lasting contribution to our community. Directorship is a respected position; the decisions made by our Board will affect the present and future membership.

What role does the Board of Management play?
First and foremost, the Directors on the Board are all volunteers.  The Board is the chief decision-making body for the organization and oversees all policies, financial decisions and management.  Overall, the Board exercises a number of powers and responsibilities including:  selecting and executive, establishing and reviewing committees, hiring staff, establishing organizational policies and reviewing, initiating and assessing programs and projects. 

The Board is governed by The Municipal Act, which sets out its mandate and composition.  Our current Board has maximum of (11) Directors.  The Town of Tecumseh Municipal Liability and Insurance policies cover Board members, officers, directors, employees and volunteers of the association while performing their duties as such. 

What time commitments are expected of me?
Depending on your level of commitment, your volunteerism could be just a few hours each month.  The Board meets as a group once a month, usually at night around 6:00 p.m. Dates and times change as needs for each Board vary and are approved by the majority of Directors. Tenure of our Board Directors are the same as Town Council; four years.

Many Directors are also active on TOTBIA committees.  Committees deal with specific initiatives like governance, beautification, marketing, events, etc.  Given your interests and expertise on certain TOTBIA initiatives you might want to join a specific committee and/or project.  This may involve sitting on an ad hoc committee or making calls from your office to see a project through.

“The Town of Tecumseh BIA will be a livable, pedestrian-friendly, destination community, where people bring friends to explore and businesses thrive by sharing a diverse range of high quality goods and services”

“The Board will foster an atmosphere where businesses are eager to collaborate, connect and participate. We will build prosperity through education, promotion and advocacy”

Our Objectives

  1. Plan and administer activities for the promotion of the TOTBIA as an attractive business and shopping area and for the maintenance of the appearance of the business core
  2. Engage in strategic planning necessary to address TOTBIA issues
  3. Advocate on behalf of the interests of our Members
  4. Manage the money that is collected by the Corporation form the required BIA levy for these activities
  5. To attempt to ensure that each Member receives fair representation from the Board 

Board Meetings & Structure

Our Board of Management:

  • Is a group of nine volunteers, drawn from diverse backgrounds throughout the TOTBIA who dedicate a portion of their time to the governance of the TOTBIA on a monthly basis.
  • Is the key decision-making body of the organization. They oversee all policies, programmes, financial decisions and management issues relating to how members’ monies are spent.  They are the voice of, and advocates for, the membership of the organization.
  • Meets on the second Wednesday of each month, at 6:00 p.m. for about two hours. Meetings are typically held at the Lacasse Conference Room at 1189 Lacasse Blvd.
  • Also includes an Executive Committee comprised of three members. The Executive Committee includes the Chairperson, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer.  It is the role of this Committee to be responsible for human resources, governance and nominations and make recommendations to the Board on key issues.

Anything else I need to know?
Becoming a Director on our Board can be a very rewarding experience!  People volunteer for a variety of reasons; personal and peer recognition, social interaction, expanded knowledge and experience and the gratification that comes with service to others.  Whatever your reason, Directorship can be an exciting and challenging responsibility.

For any new Board member it will take a short time to get orientated, but you have already taken the first step.  The next task is to please fill out the  Town of Tecumseh Committee-Board Application for the BIA Board of Management 2018/2022 form and return it to the Town of Tecumseh Clerks office. 


Thank you for your interest in the Town of Tecumseh BIA Board of Management.