Etsy In The Park


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 – 11 AM – 4 PM

In one word, Etsy in the Park is “togetherness”. It’s bringing together Etsy’s unique culture and the local community that is already a thriving entrepreneurial market. It’s an opportunity for creatives and foodies alike to showcase their passion and for us to promote the support of local businesses.

Our mission is to connect the community with local entrepreneurs and bring light  to the Etsy-based companies in the area! We’re hoping that this festival will have an impact on our community and our neighbours. This is truly a unique opportunity to build stronger community ties, for our vendors to promote their businesses and for everyone to get excited about being intimately associated with one of the largest Etsy events in the area!


The link to our vendor sign up is here: etsyinthepark.com/vendor-application

Instagram and Facebook @etsyinthepark