Congratulations to everyone who submitted their original artwork! This year’s theme was “Superheroes!”
27 original drawings where selected by Members of the BIA Board of Management out of 166 submissions.

A huge THANK YOU to Alicia Ristic, owner of Art Galia (519-735-6928), AV Graham and L’Essor, who encouraged their students to interpret what “superhero” means to them and as a result, these beautiful pieces were created.

The winners of our 15th Annual Gallery Without Walls 2021 Banner Contest are as followed:
* 1st Place- Maddie Marcoux: L’Essor *
* 2nd Place- Antonina Vranic: Art Galia *
* 3rd Place- Jenna Mailloux: Art Galia *
– Heather Tellier: Art Galia
– Grace Bigaouette-Mailloux: Art Galia
– Sydney Coulbeck: Art Galia
– Emerson Forrest: Art Galia
– Hunter Bondy: Art Galia
– Judi Alrayyes: Art Galia
– Gianluca Ceccacci: Art Galia
– Yasmeen Janisse: Art Galia
– Molly Ryall: Art Galia
– Madison Freeland-Main: Art Galia
– Laura Bardwell: Art Galia
– Emilie Holjevac: Art Galia
– Chloé Savoie: L’Essor
– Abby Brown: AV Graham
– Hudson Rodzik: AV Graham
– Tyler Wills: AV Graham
– McKinley Hayes: AV Graham
– Lily Bender: AV Graham
– Sienna Carom: AV Graham
– Mary Berthiaume: AV Graham
– Souha Chaker-Knaifaty: AV Graham
– Owen Gilmore: Independent Entry
– Isabelle Russell: Independent Entry
– Madison Scali: Independent Entry