Council Adopts Community Improvement Plan

On Tuesday January  12,  2016 Tecumseh Council  adopted  the  Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan.  A Community  Improvement Plan (CIP) is an urban planning document that  provides the framework  to guide  the redevelopment, improvement or rehabilitation of a defined  area of a municipality that is in a state of transition.

The  Tecumseh  Road  Main  Street  area represents  the  original historical commercial core  of  the  Town  of Tecumseh  settlement area, comprising an approximate  1.2  kilometre  corridor  centered  on Tecumseh  Road between  the  City of Windsor to the  west and the  Via Rail  crossing  to the east.   This area is made up of  75 acres and over 115  properties.

This area should  serve as an important focal point  of the community by providing a wide range of commercial services  and  amenities along  with  various  housing  options.     It  is  anticipated that  the  CIP  will  help   in reestablishing this  corridor  as Tecumseh’s  “downtown” or “main  street”.

The desire  to  promote  change  prompted  Council  to  initiate the  development of  the  Tecumseh  Road  Main Street  CIP. This Plan  is the Town’s  first  step toward  the  revitalization and transformation of the  traditional “Main Street”  and surrounding community into a unique,  walkable,  vibrant  and mixed-use  destination.

The CIP will  guide  the  Town’s  preparation  of  a Streetscape  Master  Plan  leading  to the  construction of  an improved   public   realm.     In  addition, there  are  financial  incentives intended to  stimulate private  sector investment by way of property rehabilitation and new development.

“I am very pieased and excited that  CounciI took this strategic  first  step of recreating the feel of a smaII town main street.    The CIP will guide  all members of the community towards the common  goal of creating a vibrant and walkable  downtown core for all citizens and visitors to be proud of and enjoy.   A healthy downtown  is indicative of a healthy community and we look forward to the implementation of this  plan in the coming years” says Mayor Gary McNamara

For more details  on this  exciting initiative, please visit our website- www.tecumseh.ca.

Everyone Loves To Party!

The BIA hosted their 51st Annual Christmas Party at Beach Grove on Saturday, November 21st and everyone had a great time! Thank you to the Chef and staff at Beach Grove for another fabulous meal, service and ambiance; the dessert was deeeeelicious! A very heartfelt thank you to all of the members and guests who attended the party and generously donated gifts for door prizes. Thank you Frank Coppola and members of the Ciao Band for all of the GET-UP-AND-DANCE songs! Everyone had fun getting their pictures taken by DDM Video & Photo Booth; thank you Dennis Marentette for all your fun and crazy props! There are more pictures on the Gallery page.



TECUMSEH Cautions Residents of Door-To-Door Campaigns

Town of Tecumseh is asking residents to be wary of persons soliciting water filtration systems and/or water testing services by aggressive door-to-door canvassers.

These companies are NOT representing the Town.

These companies endeavour to give the impression that the Town’s water does not comply with the appropriate regulations regarding water quality.

The Town is committed to providing its residents efficient, secure and environmentally conscientious water services.

Should you have any questions about water quality please contact the Tecumseh Water & Wastewater Services at 519-735-2184 Ext 142.

OPP are advising to be cautious when letting strangers into your home or giving out financial information. If leery about the validity of the company, or you feel pressured or threatened by these aggressive tactics, please contact the Tecumseh OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or 911 for an emergency.


Denis Berthiaume
Manager, Water & Wastewater Services
Phone: 519-735-2184 Ext. 141

Laura Moy
Director Corporate Services/Clerk
Phone: 519-735-2184 Ext. 116



Why Shop Local?

There are many reasons to shop locally, but we think that you’ll agree that they all lead to one goal – keeping your local business, community and environment healthy, prosperous and vibrant. Here are great reasons to ‘keep your money where your heart is’ in our Town of Tecumseh!


Put Your Taxes To Good Use

Local business anchors the neighbourhood infrastructure and supports the town and county tax base. This adds value to the neighbourhood by increasing its income.

Buy Local – Support Yourself

Local business strengthens the economic base of every community. A good d4eal of the dollars spent with local businesses is used to make purchases form other local entities – creating a domino affect that can preserve a neighbourhood even in an economic slowdown.

Invest in Your Community

Most local business owners live in the community they serve; this lessens the possibility of moving and increases their assets in the future of the community.

Create More Good Jobs

Local businesses provide jobs for residents and are one the largest employers nationwide.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Locally owned businesses are usually found in thriving neighbourhoods or city centers as opposed to developing on the boarder. They along with local residents are more likely to purchase local, walk or bike more, resulting in less travel and reduced air pollutants.

Get Better Service

Local businesses tend to hire people with some knowledge of the products they are selling and provide better customer care by giving special attention to each patron they serve.

Support Community Groups

Local businesses on average support non-profits at a higher rate than big businesses. They are more likely to give back to the community and encourage entrepreneurial growth.

Encourage Local Prosperity

Research indicates that entrepreneurs and experienced workers will more likely live and invest in communities that preserve the characteristics of locally owned businesses.

Keep Our Community Unique

Locally owned businesses cater to the cultural base of the neighbourhood it serves. Residents can find a new adventure in a familiar environment. Where we live, shop and play is the foundation of our community. Unique businesses are vital to the diverse character of our neighbourhoods.

Save Time and Money

If you don’t have to travel an hour to make your next purchase or seek professional help that can be found right here in our town, you just saved a lot of time and gas money. For most of us life is busy, why take the extra drive when you can find it here!

Mallternative - new font






12106 Tecumseh Rd

Approx 10,600 square feet commercial centre to be built in the heart of Tecumseh. Units start at 1,700 sq ft and up to 10,600 sq ft with parking for 53 cars. Ideal for many uses such as: offices, general or professional, retail & much more. $15/sq ft

Contact Team Goran
12122 Tecumseh Rd E. Tecumseh

TOTBIA Board of Management Minutes

Minutes of a Meeting of the Town of Tecumseh Business Improvement Area (TOTBIA)

NEXT TOTBIA BOARD OF MANAGMENT MEETING WILL BE: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 – 7:00 PM at Town Hall. TOTBIA Board of Management Meetings are open to the public.


A meeting of the Town of Tecumseh BIA (TOTBIA) Board of Management Meeting held on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at Town Hall, 917 Lesperance Rd., Tecumseh, ON, at the hour of 5:30 PM.

Click to read Board Minutes: TOTBIA_Board_Sept_ 30_2015_Minutes

A meeting of the Town of Tecumseh BIA (TOTBIA) Board of Management Meeting held on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at Town Hall, 917 Lesperance Rd., Tecumseh, ON, at the hour of 5:30 PM.

Click to read Board Minutes: TOTBIA_Board_August_12_2015_Minutes

A meeting of the Town of Tecumseh BIA (TOTBIA) Board of Management Meeting held on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at Town Hall, 917 Lesperance Rd., Tecumseh, ON, at the hour of 5:30 PM.

Click to read Board Minutes: TOTBIA_Board_July_22_2015_Minutes

A meeting of the Town of Tecumseh BIA (TOTBIA) Board of Management Meeting held on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at Town Hall, 917 Lesperance Rd., Tecumseh, ON, at the hour of 5:30 PM.

Click to read Board Minutes: TOTBIA_June_10_2015_Minutes



The Town of Tecumseh Historical Archives is the result of an archiving project, undertaken by the Town of Tecumseh, in partnership with the Tecumseh Area Historical Society and Employment Ontario, to digitize the history of Tecumseh by photographing and scanning historically significant items and documents that were then uploaded into an online archive known as the Tecumseh Historical Archives.

The archiving project is a tremendous step forward in preserving the history of Tecumseh, and in making Tecumseh’s history more accessible to the community through an online archive.

The Tecumseh Historical Archives can be accessed through:

The University of Windsor’s Leddy Library:


The County of Essex:



hisotrical online 1a

historical online 3a

Smoke-free Outdoor Spaces By-law

At their Regular Council Meeting, held on Tuesday July 8, 2014, Tecumseh Council passed a

Smoke-free Outdoor Spaces By-law, which will come into effect on January 1, 2015.

The By-law prohibits smoking, which includes the carrying of a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or any other lighted or heated smoking equipment used to smoke or vaporize any tobacco or non-tobacco substance, as well as the use of smokeless tobacco, such as chewing tobacco (plugs, snus or snuff), in the following places:

  • Parks, sports fields and recreational facilities;
  • Within a nine (9) metre radius of any entrance of any building or structure under the control, supervision, ownership and/or operation of the Town of Tecumseh; and
  • Within a nine (9) metre radius of a transit stop.

The By-law may be enforced by any Provincial Offence Officer designated under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act from the Windsor-Essex Health Unit, Police Officer, Municipal By-law Officer or any other person appointed by Council to enforce the By-laws of the Town of Tecumseh.

Any person convicted of an offence under this By-law may be fined a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $300. Any person convicted of a subsequent offence may be fined a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $1,000.

Contact: Paul Anthony
Director Parks & Recreation
Tel: 519-735-2184 Ext 423
Email: panthony@tecumseh.ca



Register Emergency Phone Number

Register Emergency Phone Number with Reverse 9-1-1

During and in the aftermath of the Bonduelle fire (2014), it has been brought to the attention of both the Town of Tecumseh and the Tecumseh BIA that there were several concerns from residents and business owners in and around the evacuated areas during the fire that they were not aware nor contacted about the fire, road closures and the evacuation notice.

A vital part of your Risk Management/Emergency Safety Plan should be to confirm that your business and/or emergency contact phone number is registered with the Reverse 9-1-1 Service System. Information has been provided by the County of Essex, that the Reverse 9-1-1 Service system will call all phone numbers associated with addresses in a defined area for the call session. Residents and businesses can list whatever telephone number they wish against an address, either cell, landline, VoIP. Problems can and will occur, however, when individuals move or change phone service/numbers, have an unlisted number and the information is not passed along and updated in the municipal data base. Other problems occur with the number of calls being made (only so many lines available to call out) and with some answering machines.

click here for the online form to register your emergency phone number with the Town of Tecumseh

click here to read The Town of Tecumseh’s Notice on Reverse 9-1-1