Back On Track – Behaviour & Education Consulting

1100 Lesperance Rd.
Unit 1
Tecumseh, ON N8N 1X2
PLAZA: Blackie’s Corner
P: 226-347-1854


Back on Track recognizes that cognitive, behavioural, and emotional challenges are different for every child. Through individual functional assessment, Back on Track works with parents, children, and teachers to address core areas of concern and get your child back on track.

About Danielle Campo

Danielle believes success is achieved with the right tools and a well-defined understanding of the causes. Her ability to listen deeply and connect to the complexities of your child’s growing edges, positions her to provide the distinct supports needed to succeed. Danielle holds a degree in Social Work and is a certified CYW. As a 3 time Olympic gold medalist, with the designation Order of Ontario, the province’s highest distinction, Danielle has the perseverance to tackle the most serious challenges in your child’s life.