Mamo Burger Bar

13430 Tecumseh Rd. E.
Tecumseh, ON  N8N 3N7
P: 519-735-3999


Don’t let the burgers and fries fool ya…this ain’t no fast food joint!

We’ve taken the idea of the humble burger, and decided it could be improved upon. For a burger to be really good, you can’t just rely on putting enough “stuff” on it. Toppings from cheese to a fried egg can be fantastic, but you can taste the difference in our “single steer” burgers, even with nothing on ‘em! Come hungry, ’cause every burger is a double patty feast.

Our beef is sold to us by The Butcher of Kingsville, which they procure from Shawn Morris Farms and we grind it fresh every day as we need it.

Your burgers may feel like they take longer to get than you’re used to, and frankly, they should! You order it, then we start cooking it. Every burger starts raw and fresh, never frozen.