RMT Tecumseh

12033 Tecumseh Rd. E.
Tecumseh, ON N8N 1M1
PHONE: 519-564-4166
FAX: 519-990-5211
WEBSITE: rmttecumseh
FACEBOOK: rmttecumseh
PLAZA: Coach House


The main reason why we became Registered Massage Therapists, is because we have a deep embedded passion to assist people in reaching their full-health and wellness potential. In this career, on a daily basis we are able to do just that.

It is extremely rewarding to hear people say that they were able to finish a marathon, that they felt a decrease in lower or upper back pain and felt more relaxed, that their stress was reduced or that their headaches had lessened.

Our goal is to make every client feel at ease when they walk into RMT Tecumseh, while our objective is to give them the best massage therapy treatment possible.