The Town of Tecumseh Business Improvement Area (TOTBIA) provides Tecumseh Dollars. These Dollars are redeemable for merchandise  and/or services at businesses that are within the Tecumseh BIA boundaries (see TOTBIA Member Shopping & Business Plaza Locations map located on the TOTBIA website).

The purpose of the Tecumseh Dollar program is to promote our Business Members in the Town of Tecumseh BIA and to attract visitors and residents to shop, dine and play in the Town of Tecumseh.

  • The customer/client uses Tecumseh Dollars to shop and/or receive services locally by our Business Members that are within our boundary.  
  • TOTBIA Members place the Tecumseh Dollar decal on their storefront windows and doors for customers to visually confirm this business accepts Tecumseh Dollars.
  • Tecumseh Dollars are given out by the TOTBIA during various TOTBIA events such as the Banner Contest, the Christmas Tecumseh Dollar Contest, and as door prizes for various community events.
  • Tecumseh Dollars are the perfect gift for any occasion; including employee and/or customer appreciation and recognition.
  • Tecumseh Dollars are available in both $5.00 and $10.00 denominations and are consider as cash.
  • TOTBIA Members redeem the Tecumseh Dollars for Canadian currency, compliments of the TOTBIA.
  • Original and authorized Tecumseh Dollars will only be accepted; any reproduced Tecumseh Dollars should not be honoured and will not be reimbursed.
  • Tecumseh Dollars purchased have no expiry date.
  • Tecumseh Dollars won as door prizes/contests, etc. will expire one year from the event date.
  • Tecumseh Dollars can be purchased in $5 or $10 domination.
  • Purchase $40 or more Tecumseh Dollars; will get a 20% discount

Purchase Tecumseh Dollars at:
Town of Tecumseh BIA office 
1189 Lacasse Blvd 
(in the Public Works Bldg., at the corner of Lacasse Blvd. & Tecumseh Rd E.)
Phone: 519-735-3795
Email: bia@tecumseh.ca