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The BIA Tecumseh Dollar & Windsor Spitfire Tickets Contest Winners

is pleased to announce the following winners of this year’s contest:


1st Place Prize of $500 Tecumseh Dollars:   Bernice Winkup

2nd Place Prize of $300 Tecumseh Dollars:   Jeaninne St.Pierre

3rd Place Prize of $200 Tecumseh Dollars:   Maria Ingratta


And the winners of the Windsor Spitfire Tickets in the Windsor Star Suite are:

Shelley Fitzpatrick, Michael Mallen, Olivia Szwed, Kevin Will, John Kobrynovich, Patrick Kolowilz


And the winners of a pair of Windsor Spitfire Tickets are:

Rosa Campeau, Vanessa St.Amour, Joan Willms, Jen Weedon, Brad Butcher, Omay Drouillard, Nada Orshinsky, Nadia Dancy, Ed Stolachuk, Shelley Simon, Mike McGinnis, Monica Morin, Ken Little, Diane VanDenDriessche, Cindy Baillargeon, Geraldine Carter


Congratulations to all the winners and
Thank You Daniel Hofgartner, Buckingham Reality Estate and Windsor Star for donating the Windsor Spitfire Tickets.