About Tecumseh BIA

The Tecumseh BIA is a progressive association of business and property owners who work in partnership with the Town to foster Tecumseh’s retail and service sectors as a successful and increasingly competitive business area. We interpret this mandate as a process by which our business community generates a unified voice in finding local solutions to common economic trends.

As a catalyst for community economic growth, the Tecumseh BIA is a significant contributor to the health and welfare of the local economy, civic improvements, and quality of life. Throughout the year, the Tecumseh BIA progressively introduces innovative business retention and expansion initiatives, community events and festivals, capital improvements and strategic promotions.

The Tecumseh BIA coordinates a wide array of special events that is guaranteed to entertain and even amaze you, such as The Gallery Without Walls Banner Program that celebrate the wealth of creative talent in our area. Artists from all ages submit their original art work/photographs and the top entries are selected and digitally copied on vinyl 5′ banners. Enjoy a fun day of touring by car, bicycle or even on foot to view all of the vibrant and colourful unique banners that are an addition to our townscape.

Tecumseh & Our Historic Location

The Town of Tecumseh is a picturesque municipality situated in southwestern Ontario, Canada, nestled near the western end of Lake St. Clair and in close proximity to Windsor, Ontario. Named in honor of the distinguished Shawnee leader, Tecumseh, who played a key role in the early 19th-century military conflicts of the region, the town is steeped in rich history and cultural heritage. Tecumseh has developed as a vibrant community, balancing its agricultural roots with progressive urban development, and is recognized for its friendly atmosphere and the hospitality of its residents. The town’s unique location and heritage make it a notable locality within Essex County, fostering a sense of pride among its inhabitants and offering a glimpse into the historical tapestry of the region to visitors.

If you are looking for a fun or unique gift, chances are you’ll find it in Tecumseh’s bustling retail areas where specialty shops of all kinds provide a wide variety of items to tempt the shopper. You will find that the Town of Tecumseh is The Great Mallternative®, where fashion, art, novelty gifts, antiques, jewellery, books, flowers, crafts, and much more are available. Tecumseh also has a cornucopia of restaurants that offer organic, exotic and a variety of diverse food establishments. You will also enjoy successful festivals and events throughout the seasons which showcases local bands, entertainment, businesses, local artists, vendors and a read of delicious food from local restaurants. The Tecumseh BIA is also responsible for beautiful hanging baskets, Christmas decorations, Tecumseh Dollars and much more!

Tecumseh’s BIA represents all of the business owners within a geographical boundary which encompasses Old Tecumseh Town, St. Clair Beach, Riverside Drive at Lesperance Road, and businesses on Lesperance Road South of County Road 22. Click on the link below to view our BIA map.


Our mission is to empower local businesses, celebrate our rich heritage, and create a vibrant community experience in the town of Tecumseh. We strive to be the backbone of economic and social prosperity by facilitating growth, fostering local engagement, and enhancing the unique character of our town.


Our vision is to make Tecumseh a premier destination where history is not just preserved but actively embraced; where businesses flourish, and community bonds are strengthened.
We envision a town where residents are proud to call home and visitors are eager to experience—a true hometown in every sense.

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