Tecumseh Dollars

Welcome to the Town of Tecumseh Business Improvement Area (TOTBIA) Tecumseh Dollars Program! An initiative designed to keep our local economy vibrant and strong by promoting spending within our beloved Tecumseh!

20% discount on every purchase of $50 or more in Tecumseh Dollars.

Every $50 spent on Tecumseh Dollars actually costs you only $40! Enjoying a bonus with Tecumseh Dollars is more than a perk—it's our way of making your commitment to local businesses go further. This ongoing feature of the program is designed to both extend your purchasing power and reinforce the vital support you provide.

Check Your Balance

Keeping track of your Tecumseh Dollars Gift Card balance is easy and convenient!

Here’s how to check your balance:

  1. Visit the Link: Scan the QR Code on the back of your gift card, or visit Get My Balance to quickly and securely check the balance of your Tecumseh Dollars Gift Card.
  2. Enter Your Card Details: Provide the required card information, including the card number and security code.
  3. View Your Balance: Instantly see your card’s current balance, so you can continue supporting the local Tecumseh shops you love.

For Residents

Discover Tecumseh - How to Get Started

Presented by the Town of Tecumseh Business Improvement Area (TOTBIA), Tecumseh Dollars are your rewarded local shopping, dining, and service experience. These special Dollars can be spent on a wide array of merchandise and services exclusively within a large area of Tecumseh.

To find your next shopping destination or dining adventure, check out the list of BIA members:

Click Here to View List of Businesses Who Accept Tecumseh Dollars >

Why Tecumseh Dollars?

  • Local Flavor at Your Fingertips: Use Tecumseh Dollars to enjoy local food, fashion, services, and entertainment, making every dollar count more in our community.
  • Effortless Spending: Just like using a pre-paid credit card, Tecumseh Dollars offer a seamless spending experience. Shop, dine, and enjoy services with the simple swipe of your card.
  • Enjoy the Benefits: Feel good knowing each transaction supports our community and your pockets.

    Every time you purchase $50 or more in Tecumseh Dollars– you save 20%.

Purchasing and using Tecumseh Dollars is straightforward:
    1. Buy Tecumseh Dollars: Cards can be purchased online from Downtown Gift Cards. Alternatively cards are available for purchase at the TOTBIA office, located at 12122 Tecumseh Rd.E, Unit 2. 
    2. Spend Locally: Explore near-by businesses where you can spend your Tecumseh Dollars–experience the best of this town. A full list and map of participating businesses can be found here. 

Embrace the power of local spending with Tecumseh Dollars. It’s more than just a transaction; it’s an investment in the prosperity of Tecumseh. Join us in strengthening our community, one dollar at a time.

For Businesses

Join the Movement, Grow Your Business

What’s in It for Your Business?

Boost Revenue: The moment a customer receives their Tecumseh Dollars Gift Card, they’re looking for where to spend it. Be part of their journey from the start. Register now to stand out.

Free and Easy: Joining the program is cost-free, and accepting Tecumseh Dollars is seamless with your current POS system, as they’re processed like any card transaction. No new equipment, no extra fees.

Local Impact: Exclusively for local businesses, the Tecumseh Dollars Gift Card strengthens our community by ensuring dollars spent here, stay here. It’s an invitation to participate in a program that boosts our local economy and supports all sectors.

Proven Success: You’re in good company. The Tecumseh Dollars Gift Card Program is powered by the award-winning Miconex Gift Card Concept, supporting over 150 districts and BIAs worldwide, encompassing 10,000 businesses and generating millions in local business sales.

Ready to Get Started?

Joining the Tecumseh Dollars program is straightforward:

  1. Register Your Business: Sign up to start accepting Tecumseh Dollars at your establishment.
  2. Promote Participation: Let customers know you’re a proud participant through in-store signage and digital presence.
  3. Boost Your Sales: Welcome new and existing customers paying with Tecumseh Dollars and watch your business grow.

*Your business must be registered with the Town of Tecumseh to sign up for Tecumseh Dollars

More Details

Purchase and Expiry:

  • No Expiry on Purchased Tecumseh Dollars: Tecumseh Dollars bought by individuals carry no expiry date, offering timeless value. 
  • Denominations: To accommodate various spending preferences, Tecumseh Dollars are available in denominations between $5 and $500.

Purchasing Policies:

  • First-Come, First-Served: Tecumseh Dollars will not be placed on hold, adhering to a policy of no exceptions to maintain fairness for all interested parties.

Redemption and Validity:

  • Authenticity Matters: Only original and authorized Tecumseh Dollars are valid for redemption. Reproduced or counterfeit Tecumseh Dollars are not acceptable and will not be reimbursed to ensure the integrity of the program.



Tecumseh Dollars are a local currency valid at participating businesses in Tecumseh, designed to support the local economy and offer residents a unique way to shop, dine, and enjoy services within the community.

You can spend Tecumseh Dollars at a wide range of businesses within Tecumseh, including restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, and service providers. A full list of participating BIA members is here.

Tecumseh Dollars can be purchased in specific denominations online here.

No, purchased Tecumseh Dollars do not expire.

Yes, Tecumseh Dollars make great gifts!

Accepting Tecumseh Dollars can increase foot traffic, attract new customers, and boost local spending at your business. It’s a free and easy way to participate in a community-wide effort to strengthen our local economy.

To sign up your business to accept Tecumseh Dollars, simply fill out the registration form available above and await approval. For any questions, check out our Merchant FAQ contact Tecumseh BIA directly at (519) 735-3795.

No, there are no fees for businesses to accept Tecumseh Dollars. Transaction fees for pre-paid Gift Cards will apply as per your agreement with your POS provider. 

Tecumseh Dollars are processed just like CC transactions through your existing payment terminals.

Scenario #1: The balance on the Gift Card exceeds total–Process using a credit card option.

Scenario #2: The balance on the Gift Card is below transaction total–Swipe the Gift Card for exact balance, process remaining total with credit card or cash.

Tecumseh Dollars Gift Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company. Card funds are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) or any other government deposit insurer or agency. Funds do not expire, non-reloadable and no cash access.

Please allow for 5-7 business days for the BIA to contact you with next steps.