As a result of Ontario Regulation 391/21, producers that are responsible to service the residential curbside collection program after August 27, 2024 are not obligated to collect from businesses/not-for-profits. Registration must occur by a business/organization or their recycling collection service will cease after August 27, 2024.

This registration will allow the EWSWA to responsibly set-up a new collection system for Non-Eligible Sources (NES) such as businesses/not-for-profits that are not included in this Regulation.

A NES can be an:
• Industrial, commercial and some institutional (ICI) property and business;
• Not-for-profit organization (excluding condominium corporations);
• Municipal building or facility, post-secondary institution;
• Daycare, community centre, places of worship, commercial farm;
• Campground or trailer park (that don’t have permanent/seasonal dwelling);
• Mixed-use property (e.g., residency on top and business on the bottom).

Therefore, to ensure continued recycling service of your businesses/not-for-profits from August 28, 2024 to December 31, 2025 registration at must occur prior to May 24, 2024.


NES Fact Sheet

NES Letter Final BIA



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